The Lemonade Diet – What You Need To Know!

There are so many fad diets out there that promise you’ll lose weight but unfortunately most of them are trash. One system I’ve found that really works is called the Lemonade Diet. The first time I tried the Lemonade Diet I failed miserably because I tried to follow it from free information I found on the internet.

The Lemonade Diet will help you lose weight and get healthy but you need to do it properly. So I purchased a guide called The Refresh Button Lemonade Diet Guide and it gave me a step by step plan to help me do the lemonade diet cleanse properly. So the next time I tried the cleanse I lost 11 pounds! This was because I had a proper plan to follow.

I recommend you get a copy of the guide here.

So What Is The Lemonade Diet?

It’s basically a cleanse/detox that lasts for up to 10 days or more. You don’t eat but instead drink a home made lemonade drink that works to cleanse your body from toxins and basically give your body a fresh start. The lemonade drink is made up of fresh water, organic lemons, grade b maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

My honest opinion of the lemonade is that it doesn’t taste great. Personally I found the cayenne pepper stuck in my throat a bit too much which was uncomfortable so I decided to cut down a little on the cayenne pepper in the mixture and it tasted a lot better. But at the end of the day we’re not drinking it for the taste we’re drinking it to lose weight and improve our health.

Accompanying the lemonade drink is the salt water flush. This is a mixture of warm water and sea salt. You drink the mixture once a day and it acts as a laxative to help get rid of all the waste built up in your colon.

TIP: Don’t leave the house for an hour or so after you’ve drunk the salt water flush because it’s a laxative so you’re going to want to be near to a toilet!

Hunger And The Lemonade Diet

A question that I’ve heard a lot from people thinking about doing the cleanse is..

Wont I get really hungry not eating for 10 days?
Answer: I found that the first couple of days are the hardest in terms of hunger, after that the hunger seems to fade away. As long as you’ve got a bit of will power you’ll be able to complete the Lemonade Diet cleanse. One of the reasons that you wont get so hungry while you’re on the cleanse is because your body will be getting nutrients and vitamins from the lemonade drink which help to reduce the hunger. The lemonade is sort of like an appetite suppressant.

What Are The Benefits Of The Lemonade Diet?

The Lemonade Diet cleanse is a wonderful system and it has numerous benefits for anyone who gives it a go. Here’s what you’ll notice after you’ve done the cleanse;

  • Weight loss.
  • Increased energy.
  • Better clearer skin.
  • You’ll feel healthier.
  • You’ll look healthier.
  • Your body will be free of toxins.
  • The cleanse has also been known to cure minor health problems. Some people with kidney stones have actually passed them while on the cleanse!

The cleanse has lots of benefits but overall it will create a healthier and better looking you. But if you are going to do the cleanse then I recommend you get yourself a copy of The Refresh Button Lemonade Diet guide. It’s cheap and it lays out a step by step plan for you to follow so you do the cleanse properly and get all the benefits.

Get the guide here.

How Much Weight Will I Lose On The Lemonade Diet Cleanse?

The average weight lost on the cleanse is about 1-2 pounds per day. I personally lost 11 pounds the first time I did the cleanse properly.

Do I Have To Do The Cleanse For 10 Days?

No, it doesn’t have to be exactly 10 days. Most people do it for between 7-12 days. You’ll probably find that when you get to 7 days you want to carry on. I originally wanted to just do it for a week but was so impressed with the results I was getting I carried on and did it for a total of 10 days.

How Often Should I Do The Lemonade Diet Cleanse?

A lot of people now do the cleanse 3-4 times per year. After you’ve done the cleanse you should not do it again for at least 3 months. Doing the cleanse every 3-4 months is a great way to keep your body in peak health and looking great.

Why Is The Lemonade Drink Good For Me?

The home made lemonade concoction is absolutely full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Lemons are very rich in vitamins and  minerals. The Cayenne pepper provides the much needed B and C vitamins and the grade B pure maple syrup is rich in vitamins too. So when you mix them all together you get a super healthy detox drink that works to replenish your body and give it a healthy new start.

How Much Lemonade Will I Be Drinking Per Day?

Around 60 oz which is around 6-8 glasses per day. It’s very manageable and really isn’t that much.

Why Do I Need To Do The Salt Water Flush?

The salt water flush is a very important part of the cleanse. The flush works to get rid of all the waste and toxins from your body while the lemonade works to replenish your body of vitamins and nutrients. They work together to cleanse your body and improve your health.

You take the salt water flush on an empty stomach in the morning. Remember not to leave the house for about an hour after you’ve drunk the salt water because it’s a laxative!

Is The Lemonade Diet Expensive?

There are some costs but the cleanse is quite cheap to do. You’re going to need quite a few lemons, lots of distilled water, some maple syrup which is cheap and some Cayenne Pepper which is also cheap. The cleanse will cost you a lot less than what you would normally spend on your weekly food shop.

How Do I End The Lemonade Diet Cleanse?

Well you need to come off the cleanse gradually. You can’t go 10 days of not eating to then straight away eating solid foods so you’ll need to gradually start eating soups and softer foods and then over the course of a week or two you can ease your way up to solid foods.

Again I don’t want to keep pushing this book on you but I recommend you get a copy of The Refresh Button Lemonade Diet Guide because it tells you everything you need to know about the cleanse and gives you a step by step plan. It’s well worth the money. Get the guide here.

Should I Do The Lemonade Diet Cleanse?

Yes! The first time I tried the cleanse I really wasn’t impressed because I was doing it wrong but since I’ve learned how to do the cleanse properly I have become a firm believer in the Lemonade Diet. Not only have I lost weight doing the cleanse but I’ve become a better person.

I have more energy, my skin is clearer and more radiant, I feel happier and just feel like a new and improved person.

I recommend that anyone who wants to improve their health and lose some weight try the Lemonade Diet because it just works.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you have something to say about the Lemonade Diet.


Hemp Protein Powder Diet


Hemp is part of Cannabis sativa which can be developed to augment the strands in the stalk of the plant or seed generation. Hemp has scarcely or perhaps no quantifiable levels of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid known for its psychoactive properties.

THC has been examined widely and science has demonstrated to us that when it is not smoked, it has significant medical advantages with veritably little or no side effects. Hemp commonly contains around 0.3 percent to 1.5 percent THC, while Maryjane contains around 5 % to 10 % or more THC. Eating Hemp cannot get you on the levels of smokers. Hemp utilization is protected, sound and legitimate. It can be used in baking or mixed with other ingredients in food.

Well known Ways to Consume Hemp on a Diet:

A few calorie counters will eat hemp seeds. Well known dinner decisions that can incorporate hemp seeds incorporate plates of mixed greens and soups. Different health food nuts will utilize hemp powder in their eating methodologies. Hemp powder can without much of a stretch be sprinkled in many sorts of sustenance including yoghurt, shakes and smoothies. In any case, there truly is no wrong approach to devour hemp so that health food nuts can be used with hemp as a weight reduction instrument.

Importance of using hemp

Hemp for Weight Loss: Hemp seeds offer an extensive assortment of wellbeing and therapeutic uses for the human body including weight reduction. The natural compound of hemp alongside its important advantages to the body make it an incredible solid choice for weight loss. The most widely recognized mode of taking hemp is through ground hemp seeds, otherwise called “hemp powder” or by eating the seeds entirety.

Hemp is high in Fiber and Omega 3: One of the best reasons calorie counters jump at the chance to add hemp to their eating regimen plan is on account of it is high in fibre. The fibre helps weight watchers feel full, which decreases desires. Furthermore, hemp is additionally loaded with Omega 3, which is a fundamental unsaturated fat that the body needs to remain robust.

It increases metabolism rate: Since hemp is for the most part protein, it can raise a man’s digestion system. The reason a people digestion system may increment is on account of it takes more vitality to smoulder protein than it does sugars. An expanded absorption system may accelerate weight reduction for some calorie counters.


No Diet is Complete without Exercise and Proper Nutrition: Despite the fact that hemp protein powder, and hemp seeds, are extraordinary weight reduction apparatuses, they ought to be utilized as a part of the blend with eating regimen and practice to accomplish most extreme outcomes. On the off chance that calorie counters are uncertain of what eating regimen and exercise regimen could help them achieve the best results, they ought to contact a doctor. Whether calorie counters take hemp in its protein powder shape or eat whole seeds, it can be an awesome weight loss apparatus. Its natural cosmetics makes it simple to process and is not regarded as an allergen.