Lemonade Diet Dangers

So it wouldn’t be very responsible of me if I didn’t talk about the possible Lemonade Diet dangers so I’m dedicating this post to just that!

As you know, the Lemonade Diet is a cleanse and works to eliminate toxins from your body. As the toxins circulate around your blood stream this can cause dizziness, headaches and in extreme cases vomiting however these negative side effects don’t happen to everyone. Personally I didn’t notice any negative side effects apart from a light headache.

Because of these Lemonade Diet dangers it’s probably a good idea that children, teenagers, pregnant or breast feeding women don’t do the cleanse and if you have any medical conditions then it’s a good idea to consult your doctor to see what they advise.

In my opinion the Lemonade Diet dangers such as dizziness and vomiting shouldn’t stop you from doing the cleanse.

So yeah these are the Lemonade Diet dangers that you should know about. They’re not that bad but I just thought you should know about them.


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