The Lemonade Diet Recipe

Thankfully the lemonade diet recipe is actually quite simple and making your lemonade really isn’t that difficult.

The formula is..

You will need;

Organic lemons.
Organic maple syrup.
Cayenne pepper.
Clean water.
Now the following recipe I’m about to share with you is not an exact science but I think it’s pretty good and works well for me!

Firstly take a lemon and squeeze about 2-3 tablespoons of juice out of it and pour it into your mixing bowl.

Then mix in 2-3 tablespoons of your grade-b organic maple syrup.

Next add a pinch of cayenne pepper. Or if you want to be really specific use about a 10th of a teaspoon.

Lastly add around 8-10 oz of water.

Give it a mix around with a spoon and then drink.

So that is the Lemonade Diet Recipe. Simple isn’t it?

It is recommended that you make this lemonade drink around 6-8 times per day.

Some people recommend that you make the lemonade in one giant bowl in the morning and drink it through out the day but I recommend that you just follow the recipe above and make it fresh 6-8 times per day. If you make it in one big bowl in the morning it will lose it’s freshness after a couple of hours!

The Lemons

Use fresh organic lemons, not canned lemon juice or any other alternatives. Half of an organic lemon will give you about 2-3 tablespoons that you need for each drink so you’ll need about 4 lemons per day.

The Maple Syrup

Don’t be tempted to use the unhealthy junk food maple syrup. It has to be grade-b pure organic maple syrup.

The Cayenne Pepper

Some people find the cayenne pepper hard to consume because it’s a bit spicy in the throat. Cayenne pepper is rich in vitamins B and C so you’ll just have to get over the slight spicy taste or you can add a bit more water to the mix.

Some people recommend that you take the cayenne pepper in pill form if you don’t like the taste of the drink with cayenne pepper in it. I don’t recommend the pills as you wont get as much of the nutrients from them.

The Water

Make sure the water you are drinking is clean. Do your research if you are going to be buying bottled water because many bottled water companies just use tap water.

Personally I bought a water filter from Brita which is pretty cheap and I just fill it up with tap water and the water filter cleans the water. This is a lot cheaper than buying bottled water at 1,500 times the price of tap water!

So this is the Lemonade Diet recipe. I hope you found this info helpful. Please feel free to share this page if you found it helpful or leave a comment below.


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